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Gurthalak following ur targets

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i tried lf nice proof about  this one for a while now. But currently ingame gurthalak ha's like this /assist and casts mind flay only on attackd targets wich it shouldn it should just go hi's own way cuz that would make the weapon to overpowered if he would go same targets as the player that would be unhealable for some periods of times.

but here in the video u can see that gurthalak is doing hi's own way without stop casting mindlfay  it stopped when he casted CoS / vanish and then mind flay went over towards the priest  (closest target cuz rogue CoS/vanish) then when rogue re opend the mind flay got again transferd over to him (the first target that the tentacle was casting on)

also there are some video's around where u can see tentacles can get cc'd i tried testing this with hunter traps and whenever he casts trap on tentacles it just absorbs and never go off even when i walk over the tentacle myself i dont get trapped so the trap completely vanishes.


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