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New Syndicate | In-game Currencies

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The new Syndicate makes use of different types of Custom Currencies (the less custom currencies the better). Here is a detailed list of all of them:


Main Currency:

 glowcap.png Glowcap: 

  • How to get it: By completing Quests.
  • Where: The Star (Shop Arena).
  • Use: Purchase different types of goods from the Glowcap Smuyggler Vendor.


Content Currencies List:

3.png Activity Check:

  • How to get it: By completing a Daily Quest.
  • WhereThe Star (Shop Arena).
  • Use: Purchase Unique Transmogrify Items.

40.jpg  Arena Master:

  • How to get it: By opening the Gurubashi Arena Chest.
  • WhereGurubashi Arena Ring.
  • Use: Complete Short John Mithril Quests.
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