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Most Infamous

Premium Account Upgrade | Syndicate

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Welcome to the Premium Account Upgrade list of features & tutorials.

-Commands (type .help to view all the available in-game commands).

  • .world (exclusive world chat).
  • .solo (join, leave or view 3v3 solo queue stats).
  • .arena (view who is currently playing 2v2 and 3v3 arenas).
  • .bank (opens your bank anywhere).
  • .repair (repair your items anywhere).
  • .whisper on or off (turns your whispers on or off).
  • Exclusive Premium Accounts Headquarter.
  • Free Character Race Change.
  • Free Character Customize.
  • Free Character Faction Change.
  • Free Character Rename.
  • Free Cataclysmic Equipment. (No p2w).
  • Free Tier 13 Heroic Equipment. (No p2w).
  • Free Mounts.
  • Exclusive Custom Visual Aura Shirts.
  • Exclusive Permanent Morphs.
  • Premium Rank on Forums. (Contact Most Infamous).
  • Premium Rank on Discord. (Contact Most Infamous).

-How to activate your Premium Account?

  1. Click your [Premium Account Upgrade] item. 
  2. Close your WoW client and open it again.
  3. Login to enjoy your premium account and features.
  4. Type in the chat ' .help ' to view the list of available commands.

-How to upgrade your normal Account into a Premium Account?

  • By Donating, here.
  • Voting for us, here.
  • And then you shall buy a Premium Account Upgrade, here.

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