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Syndicate v2 Totally Fun Update

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Syndicate v2 Totally Fun Update


Hello everyone, i been reading our user suggestions, critics and demandings. Most of them agree about the server current difficulty; gold currency, not free reforge, tmog, gems, potions and related stuff.

For this reason i am currently working on a new version of Syndicate, more fun, easy, more straight and hardcore.

When will Syndicate v2 update come? shouldn't take long i will announce when soon.

What will Syndicate v2 update bring? a whole new server concept, more custom content, free stuff such as professions, epic gems, infinite free potions and related stuff, new custom zones, custom raid and dungeon, new duel zone/mall, infinite amounts of tmog items + a unique tmog mall, bye gold currency. And more stuff stay tunned.

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