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1️⃣ Attempting to use any exploits, errors or software to gain an unfair advantage in Syndicate.

2️⃣ Attempting to impersonate Syndicate staff team in any way.

3️⃣ Linking any personal related information.

4️⃣ Any kind of advertisement or fake information.

5️⃣ Offensive, racist, obscene or otherwise inappropriate language not tolerated.

6️⃣ Constantly asking the same question or starting the same drama.

7️⃣ Offensive media archives are not allowed.

8️⃣ If you find a bug please don't bash the server, report it instead. We are a community so we have to build the perfect game together.

9️⃣ Do not mention a staff member, without permission. If you have a question anyone can answer it.


Last updated as of September, 25 2019.


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