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  1. 1) Whats the name of your main character? Varion 2) Is this your first GM application?nope 3) From which country are you? Tunisia 4) For how long have you been playing in Syndicate? since the start 5) How many hours are you willing to spend everyday on Syndicate? it depends 2-8h 6) How good are you with TrinityCore commands?10/10 7) Anything else you would like to remark? (optional) i was one of the staff team back in the days and i made a mistake when i went off and i feel bad about it cz i've let u down and it was An IRL problem so i had to go.and i think the position of HGM is waiting for me to take it back and to lead the staff team to a great path as the server will go on and i'm sure that i can fit the requirements and resposabilites for it .
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