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  1. WEEK 1 Week one has come to an end here is the Hall of Fame: Top Active Players: 1: Mizumono (2 days 11:07:44) x5000 gold and [Reins of the Azure Drake] 2: Dan (2 days 10:43:16) x3000 gold 3: Rankonehunt (2 days 10:22:24) x3000 gold 4: Baggen (2 days 07:26:42) x1000 gold 5: Dugaeruu (2 days 05:39:13) x1000 gold 6: Jackmyswagx (2 days 02:33:55) x1000 gold 7: Harulover (1 days 22:57:06) x1000 gold 8: Hate (1 days 20:17:14) x1000 gold 9: Jason (1 days 19:52:43) x1000 gold 10: Preutoturboo (1 days 13:28:08) x1000 gold Top Gurubashi Players: 1: Kareemabdul (Looted arena chest x10) x5000 gold and [Reins of the Red Drake] 2: Shinzmage (Looted arena chest x9) x3000 gold 3: Baggen (Looted arena chest x8) x3000 gold 4: Nes (Looted arena chest x8) x3000 gold 5: Whazz (Looted arena chest x6) x1000 gold 6: Impigxd (Looted arena chest x6) x1000 gold 7: Uwu (Looted arena chest x6) x1000 gold 8: Spambush (Looted arena chest x5) x1000 gold 9: Alabrooke (Looted arena chest x5) x1000 gold 10: Thelegendqt (Looted arena chest x5) x1000 gold Top Richest Players: 1: Narmas (45679 gold) x5000 gold and [Feldrake] 2: Shirune (10480 gold) x5000 gold and [Feldrake] 3: Mizumono (9824 gold) x3000 gold 4: Baggen (7035 gold) x1000 gold 5: Harulover (6976 gold) x1000 gold 6: Itwasntme (6326 gold) x1000 gold 7: Jason (5852 gold) x1000 gold 8: Dugaeruu (5543 gold) x1000 gold 9: Elements (4802 gold) x1000 gold 10: Preutoturboo (4335 gold) x1000 gold Top Kills: 1: Baggen (2673) x5000 gold and [Mottled Drake] 2: Dan (1424) x3000 gold 3: Jason (1424) x3000 gold 4: Dugaeruu (1002) x1000 gold 5: Harulover (473) x1000 gold 6: Wrr (220) x1000 gold 7: Jackmyswagx (195) x1000 gold 8: Shiresen (174) x1000 gold 9: Rankonehunt (164) x1000 gold 10: Impigxd (140) x1000 gold Top Achievement Points: 1: Jackmyswagx (1400) x5000 gold and [Reins of the Bronze Drake] 2: Wrr (1325) x3000 gold 3: Jason (930) x3000 gold 4: Rankonehunt (890) x1000 gold 5: Baggen (880) x1000 gold 6: Dan (810) x1000 gold 7: Shirune (760) x1000 gold 8: Mizumono (740) x1000 gold 9: Twinksparkle (730) x1000 gold 10: Impigxd (720) x1000 gold ~Rewards will be send shortly via in-game mail! Congratulations to the winners!~
  2. Every Friday the Black Market Auction House Event will allow players to bid on special items (that are not normally sold by NPCs) at the Mall Auction House. An announcement will be made with a list of the Black Market items and the starting bid prices. The items are listed for one day only (between 12 hours and 48 hours). Event Name: Black Market Location: Mall Auction House Win Condition: Highest Bid Wins! Reward Schedule: When the period of the items bid ends (between 12 hours and 48 hours) if you have the highest bid, the item will be sent to you in your in-game mailbox via the auction house mail system. Rewards: The items for sale vary from items that were made unobtainable, to rare drops and TCG items. All items are listed infrequently, so it should not be seen as a reliable way to farm rarities.
  3. Every week Game Masters will host PvP Arena-like Tournaments. A Game Master will announce when the event will take place (usually 30 minutes before the event starts so the players will have time to prepare) and the rules (NOTE: Rules may vary depending on the Game Master, the rules of the event will be clear, e.g. Number of participants , number of players in a team, gear\spell\item limitations etc.). Then the Game Master will announce a team submission period where players will have to submit their team via ticket -usually 10 minutes- and will announce when the team slots are full. Event Name: Arena Tournaments Location: Vary Win Condition: Your team must eliminate the enemy teams to win the Tournament Reward Schedule: After the event ends the Game Master will announce in the forums the winning teams. Within 24 hours your rewards will arrive via in-game mail. Rewards: The rewards vary depending on the Game Master.
  4. FORUM CHANGELOG UP TO DATE For live bug fixes changelog join: https://discord.gg/sbwRQ9F
  5. GENERAL - A new feature, to prevent players from getting stuck underground. - New feature, The Bounty Hunter: place rewards on players heads. - Pet AI enhanced. Many pet related bugs fixed. - Confuse movement updated to retail-like. - New blizzlike feature, Spell Delay. - Many custom features reworked. - Updated Top Arena Teams, now you can view highest and current win streak also better organized menu. PVP - Arena 2v2 and 3v3 teams only compete with the previous opponent after 2 minutes in queue. *This is a retail feature, it will prevent wintrading also. Lets say someone defeat your team, then you queue again you will fight against another openents and never vs the team who defeated you unless both stay in queue for +2 minutes. PVE - Bastion of Twilight reworked, current state: 99% working. CLASSES Hunter: - Traps updated to retail-like. You have to come closer in order to spot them. *Rogues ability will let them see the traps from a longer distance. - Entrapment talent dimishing return fixed, this time definitely. Priest: - Mind Control can't be casted while flying. We can avoid half of the exploit. Paladin: - Resistance Aura will now display the value visually after using Aura Mastery. - Guarded by the Light talent fixed.
  6. GENERAL -Pets will follow from behind to avoid issues, also closest following distance. -Currency Exchange feature removed, instead Blizzlike currency vendor. -Autoshot animation updated, if you cancel the animation will stop correctly. -Temporal Bans will be lifted automatically now. Confuse Movement fixed: Video PVP -When you kill someone in Arenas you will steal 1 Gold from your victim, also the victim loses 1G. -New feature, place bounties on players heads. Talk with Bounty Hunter NPC at Duel Zone. PVE Syndicate Faction questline finished: Help the Syndicate Faction defend the castle at Arathi Highlands! Defeat the Stromgarde Crusaders, complete exclusive quests and become one of the best assasins. Win the sympathy of the king, Lord Aliden Perenolde and his strongest warlord Lord Falconcrest. -20 exclusive Storyline non repeteable Quests. -5 exclusive Daily repeteable Quests. -Over 20 exclusive unique Items. -Title "Assassin". -Farm a lot of Gold.
  7. GENERAL - Gurubashi falling boxes from the sky available. - Pets now can't move while rooted. - Proffesion npc reworked. ITEMS - No'Kaled Axe proc chance balanced in PvP. - Vial of Shadows ICD balanced in PvP. - HC Vial of Shadows proc fixed. - VIP Account Rank 1 item is now tradable (you can obtain it in our ingame Vote Shop). - Sandbox Tiger item disabled in Battlegrounds. -Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest mount is now a two seated mount. Priest - Grace range fixed. Warlock - Ebon Imp melee damage scaled (buffed). - Conflagrate enhanced DoT/HoT system. Mage - Flame and Frost Orb no longer break Dragon's Breath. - Shatter talent critical bonus fixed. Death Knight - Festering Strike, disease duration visual bug fixed. - Army of the Dead minion can be attacked. Spell delay fixed: Video
  8. CLASSES Mage - Mirror Images npc will also copy owner weapons (and gear even if transmogrified). - Ignite updated (damage stacks if you consecutively crit hit). - Flame and Frost Orb enhanced now stops path in LOS positions. - Flame Orb no longer hits twice. Warrior - Charge now can be casted vs units standing in a big height (ex. stairs). - Charge now can be casted against huge bosses. Hunter - Pet will remove Camouflage when the owner mounts up. Warlock - Soul Stone will also revive already dead units. - Felhunter and Imp no longer will spam Fel Intelligence/Blood Pact. - Succubus Seduction immune to Warriors Spell Reflection. Priest - Atonement updated (retail like mechanics). - Penance 3rd no longer fails when overclicking it. Death Knights - Rune Empowerment proc chance fixed. - Gargoyle follows victims in LoS also will attack any random enemy or owner target. - Blood Strike cost is no longer refunded if the hit is parried or dodged. Rogue - Eviscerate + Revealing Strike bonus fixed. Shaman - Lightning Shield will be removed on Respec/Talent Reset due Rolling Thunder (talent). Druid - Tree Form enhanced Lifebloom now can be casted on infinite targets.
  9. GENERAL -Group invite behavior while creating a Group is now Retail like you can invite multiple players without the need to wait for one of them accept the invitation. -Enchant Weapons now Off-Hands can be enchanted also added an option to enchant Crossbows. -Engineer profession updated, you have to pick between Goblin or Gnomish specialization. -Exploit used to stack temporarily summoned pets by resetting CD in Duel Zone fixed. -Exploits used to change chat color fixed. You will dc if you try to use one. -Player's pets will queue spells if not in range, move and cast it. -Our game Core now has the ability to censor bad words via Database. -Our game Core now protected against Auth server exploits. -Taxi npc no longer usable if in combat. PVE -Gurubashi Arena Treasure Chest spawn event set to every 3 hours and 2 hours duration. -Gurubashi Arena Challenge quests fixed and customized, you can farm gold. -Added combat frames to Magister's Terrace and Shadowfang Keep bosses. -New worldboss; Xariona (retail like with some modifications). -Vortex Pinnacle, Asaad's Skyfall npc fixed. PVP -Battleground first and subsequent wins reward modified (retail like). -Arena match duration reduced to 20 mins (before 47 mins). -Now its not possible to queue a Battleground or Arena while in combat (guess the reason). -Talking/Yelling/Emotes in Arena disabled. You can still use group chat. -Battleground currency reward more accurate (values from old Cata). -Arena fast start Crystal, now available in 1v1 Skirmish. -Added 1v1 Skirmish battle will reward 25 CP to winner.
  10. GENERAL -Players will start with Hearthstone. -Instant logout disabled (to prevent death avoid in PvP). -Teleporter Syndi, you'll only find it in used places (if you're stuck use Hearthstone or unstuck function). -Global channel "Syndicate" no one can be owner, so no one can add a password to it. -Custom world chat disabled for players (to prevent spam). -Players starting money (gold) set to 0 (gold is the main currency in Syndicate). -Players won't start with all maps explored (to promote world exploration "title the explorer"). -Repair cost reduced 75%. -Battleground and Arena queue announce disabled (to prevent spam). -Arena cap and currencies (valor points) reset set to Monday and Friday 00:00 (midnight). -Player commands updated definitely. -Garden of Azshara renamed to Meeting Garden, fixed the teleport option. INSTANCES -Raid markers or world markers have been implemented in Syndicate-WoW Video
  11. GENERAL ISSUES -Critical hit damage fixed, to be always 200% (some talents may change it). -(Improved Stealh) Fixed, buff from Rogue spell Vanish cannot be unstealhed by harmful spells such mage orbs or ring of frost. -Mages can see their pets in the login screen. -Lock and Load Procs only from Frost/Freezing trap activation. -Beast Master npc, the pets are saved, they will not dissapear when the hunter joins a BG/Arena anymore. -Expertise and Hit Chance fixed, also pets will gain expertise rating from owners. -Priest healer T12 4P bonus(cauterizing flame) fixed. -Fixed an issue with Ring of Frost freezing nearly targets in party. -Entrapment DR issues fixed. -Ambush and Backstab damage fixed. -Bloodthirst damage fixed. -Implemented Blizzlike distance for duels. -If a GM summons you, you will get dismounted. -(Players suggestion) Gems vendor separated by gems colors. -Vial of Shadows trinket now procs from ranged attacks. -Fixed an issue with DK Freezing Fog and Tier 12 2P bonus. -Strand of the Ancients battleground fully fixed. -Hunters are now casters/ranged in solo queue. Also Overlord implemented some fixes; -Mob Fanning and fixed Ring of Valor arena.
  12. GENERAL FIXED ISSUES -Absorbed Damage fixed, no longer breaks stealth invisibility. -Pets and exotic pets scale reworked. -Cauterize talent fixed. -In Duel Zone, if Cauterize debuff is applied after the end of the duel it gets removed (so you don't die accidentally). -Fixed talent Honor Among Thieves, it will only proc if a member of your group deals a crital hit. -You can now use mounts inside Bastion of Twilight and Baradin Hold raids (so it's faster). -You can now use mounts inside Magister's Terrace, Vortex Pinnacle and Shadowfang Keep. -Graveyards fixed, if you fall under map you'll get teleported back to the closest graveyard(unstuck no longer needed). -Gurubashi Arena Ring, now after you died you will respawn in a random location in order to prevent abuse. -Enchanter NPC, added ranged weapon enchants. From this point enchantment items are no longer required, so the vendor removed. -Holy Guardian fixed, now despawns after he wastes his 5 heals also he no longer grants Guarded by the Light shield. -Summon Infernal fixed, will be drawn to attack targets afflicted by Bane or Agony or Doom spells. -Auto Attacks will stop after your victim LOS. Fix by Quadral. -Permanent morphs from the NPC morph me even if you relog, change your form(druid), server restart etc. -Killstreak system fixed, also you'll receive 30 honor each 5 consecutive kills. -Majister's Terrace, reworked. -Some of Silithus quests were reworked. -Two out of four mini bosses reworked in Silithus. Silithus is a questing zone created by Life.(edited) PVP -3v3 Skirmish removed, reason is we alredy have 3s Solo queue. -3v3 Solo queue fully fixed, come and try it! -3v3 Solo queue reward increased to 200 conquest points per win. -1v1 Rated arenas removed, we want to promote 3s as the main solo queue, however: 1v1 Skirmish added, also it's non rated and you won't get any conquest points. -2v2 Skirmish moved into the Solo Queue npc, you'll also find in there the new 1v1 Skirmish. -2v2 Skirmishes fixed, two healers no longer can be in the same team. -5v5 normal rated arenas enabled again, and you can get season's end rewards if you play 5s. -You can now leave queue of any arena type via the battleground icon (near the map). -Arena ladder NPC made simple and clear. -Arena Spectator reworked, click ESC to reset the viewpoint.
  13. GENERAL SPELL ISSUES - Hemorrhage has been nerfed. - Mortal Strike has been buffed. - Shred has been nerfed. - Combustion (Dot) has been nerfed. - Rip has been nerfed. - Mirror Images fixed, they will stop casting if you polymorph your target. - Ebon Gargoyle fixed, now will switch targets depending on Ghoul's target if there's any sumoned. - Ring of Frost fixed, no longer moves. - Blink fixed, no longer removes combat. - Mirror Image health fixed. - Ebon Gargoyle, fixed an issue with bugged cast. - Glyph of Resilient Grip, fixed. - Fixed druid flight form falling issue. - Fixed a bug in where druids were able to enter a BG with flight form. - Army of Dead will cast taunt now. - Pets action bar, you now can save the spells and they'll remain saved even if you relog. - Pets react Passive command fixed. INSTANCES Firelands: - Firelands Beth'tilac issues fixed. - Firelands Lord Rhyolith issues fixed. - Firelands are now 100% scripted and retail-like! Vortex Pinnacle: - Fixed all transports in The Vortex Pinnacle like this Video - Vortex Pinnacle reworked, should be fine now. PVP - 1v1 Arenas, fixed the blocked forbidden talent tree. - 1v1 Arenas npc evolved + anti wintrade system. - See whos currently in queue. - You can't queue if you have free talents. - You can't queue if your character isn't fully equiped. - You can't queue if you're a tank/healer. - You can't queue if you are a deserter.
  14. PVP - Skirmish 2v2 and 3v3 are now available. - 3V3 Solo queue arenas, fully functional. - 3V3 Solo queue arenas, Rating and MMR fully fixed. - 3V3 Solo queue arenas, you will get 100 Conquest Points if you win. - 3V3 Solo queue arenas, you no longer can join while in a BG queue. - 3V3 Solo queue arenas, anti-wintraders: you are a Deserter you can't join any arena. - 1V1 Solo queue arenas, you no longer can join while in a BG queue. - 1V1 Solo queue arenas, anti-wintraders: you are a Deserter you can't join any arena. - 1V1 Solo queue arenas, added leave Queue function. FIXED ISSUES -Beast Master npc reworked, all related issues fixed. -Smoke Bomb, fixed now working as intended. -Vision Obscured related abilities fixed. -Buff stacking now working as intended. -Cyclone, affected units now will be immune to healing spells. -Spell Resistance auras now working as indended. -Fixed cooldown reset on duel start exploit. -Trinkets proc from nothing issue fixed. -Fixed a crash issue with Rogue sap and stealh. -Legendary Dagger reworked, stacks will vanish after proc. -RIP bleed damage reduced, retail like values. -Healing Stream Totem healing reduced, retail like values.
  15. ITEMS - Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest is fixed to retail-like, now the proc calculates the right amount of damage. Also projectiles that cause the proc will be duplicated, like if the staff procs from frostbolt, it will cause the player to instantly cast a second frostbolt. - Ti'tahk, the Steps of Time staff, now procs. - Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps proc chance fixed with retail values. - Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest proc chance fixed with retail values. CLASSES Hunter: - Traps won't teleport you in the center anymore. - Ice Trap will proc Entrapment now. (thanks Quadral!). - Stable Master fixed. - Glyph of Aimed Shot, fixed will not trigger with every shot. - Glyph of Kill Shot, fixed. - Freezing Trap, fixed will not trigger Entrapment. Death Knight: - Dark Simulacrum, fixed you are no longer able to duplicate more than one spell. - Unholy Blight, fixed. Paladin: - Protection Guardian will cast a visual aura like back then in retail. - Retribution Guardian, will gain same base weapon damage as the owner. - Pursuit of Justice talent, fixed. Warrior: - Heroic Strike, damage fixed no longer ignores Dispersion. - Shield Slam, balanced. - Colossus Smash, balanced. - Mortal Strike, balanced. INSTANCES Firelands: - Fixed the bridge from Baleroc. Video GENERAL - Duels issue fixed, you finish the duel you'll stop attacking your target. - Issue fixed, assist stance of pets. Now if the pet is feared it won't start attacking back the target until the fear effect fades.
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