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  1. Everytime you cast Mindflay on an objetctive and he uses a spell like Hand of freedom or also a druid changes form all time,my Mindflay just stop to cast itself and I have to spam it everytime that they use those spells which it is really annoying to play like that.
  2. When I use dispersion on my spriest it should just reduce all the damage that you are taking in that 6sec.Well,if I am against a warrior and he bleeds me with rent or deep wound i just take exactly the same damage in dispersion,it not happens always but theres more chance when warrior is using reckleness,even mortal strike in reckleness hitted me 2k and Im not sure if that should be like that.
  3. Everytime I summon felhunter and u put automatic spells on it when you summon another pet and you summon back your felhunter it doesnt have the spells on automatic again and u have to click it all time and its really annoying.Happens with every pet from warlock.
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