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  1. jimmy

    Snake Trap

    i found out , the damage of poison still works when enemy kill my snakes. but let's say enemy don't kill my snake (they will dissapear in 15 secs) and after the snakes are gone , enemy wont take damage even if he still have the poison debuff on
  2. when i summon Shadowfiend , im able to cast mind control and my pet instantly dissapear. how it should work : when shadowfiend is active , priest shouldn't be able to cast mind control at all. it should say something like ''you already have a pet summoned availabe'' https://youtu.be/-JJ9h7dfEpc
  3. the 2 set bonus gear of Tier 12 are active , even if te shadow priest is full pvp geared , the shadowfiend does fire damage.
  4. i notice it doesn't work only for hunter class
  5. [Viciousness] doesn't work , it should give +1% crit so i when i create a worgen i should start with 1% crit with 0 gear
  6. [Stoneform] , doesn't work with snake trap's poison , it remove rogue's poison but not the one coming from snake trap.
  7. jimmy

    Feral [Swipe]

    swipe does way tomuch dmg , 6k non crit and 12k crit when it's written in tooltips it should do ''340% weapon dmg' there's a talent in feral tree called [fury swipes] which does 310% weapon dmg and it's doing 3k no crit and 6k crit so 340% weap dmg on swipe , shouldn't be such huge difference 6k no crit , 12k non crit , it should be slightly above 3k non crit
  8. [Toxicology] , doesn't even work at all the bonus crit dmg. i tested it with 0/2 and 2/2 , on both spells serpent sting and black arrow , both don't work.
  9. when i power word shield my self on priest then i SWD and instantly shadowmeld , my shadowmeld wont break. it should break since it's direct dmg
  10. it's actually the target's movement speed what i meant , because you see in the video the target's moving normal speed , but how it works currently it's like if the target has ''toggle run/walk'' set to walk
  11. if you try spam mind control , it will cast untill 60% then the cast will reset to 0 sec. it shouldn't reset cast even if you spam it. it's like any other spell when you spam frost bolt it doesn't reset cast . i notice it resets the cast when GCD is off at like 60% of the 1st cast
  12. atm the distance traveled by the enemy is very short you can see it by comparing it to this video at 6:15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9kNEWD6egg&t=373s
  13. ok so i tested with a feral , i pre shield him before duel starts and he comes close to me in stealth so i can see him. i use [Shadow Word: Death] on him and it doesn't get him out , i use also holy fire and it doesn't gget him out of stealth as well , penance does get him out of stealth. that's how it should work , if a player has priest's shield absorb , Dots dmg and AoE spells (blizzard , flamestrike , holy nova) , shouldn't get you out of stealth unless the absorb dmg is expired. but when a player in stealth with absorb on , receive a direct damage ( for example , [Shadow Word: Death] , holy fire ) it should get him out of stealth https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/291 https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Power_Word:_Shield (read the last point of tips and tactics)
  14. if pet is taunted by an enemy's they should force pet to attack the enemy , that's used to break hunter's trap or mage polly by timing it properly , you can taunt pet of hunter right before hunter's going to trap , and same goes for mirror image while mage's casting a poly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPdpx5Fs8oc
  15. when enemy's in CC , trap , fear , repentance etc... and i force pet [Attack] my pet wouldn't attack the CC-ed target , it only attack stunned target. pet should attack cc-ed taget if the hunter uses ''pet attack' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEx2vwa27Bo
  16. jimmy

    Mage Ring

    ye it seems nothing can stop RoF , no CC / silence etc.. https://youtu.be/p667ZATEkPY at 6:03 rogue Kidney shot mage and still got Ring of Frosted
  17. [Unholy Frenzy] , should make you lose 2% hp every 3 secs. it's currently removing like 0.8-0.9% hp (1596hp) every 3 secs, my total hp is 133k and 2% of 133k is 2660 hp
  18. [Death Grip] can't be used while jumping , it says '' can't do that while moving ' . it should be usable while jumping since it's an instant spell.
  19. https://youtu.be/adeol-Io-Ho at 11:11 you can clearly see sacred shield proccing at 42k hp and his total hp is 155k , that's like 27% hp
  20. [Sacred Shield] Should always proc when paladin is reduced BELOW 30% hp how it's currently working , [Sacred Shield] proccing at 46% hp because it's preventing big dmg taken which it shouldn't https://i.imgur.com/TCplb1p.jpg
  21. [Ring of Frost] : doesn't work when mage is Rooted , it shouldn't work when mage is cc-ed like Stun / fear / scatter shot / stuns (everything which make the character uncontrolable) [Ring of Frost]: should work if mage is rooted
  22. [Glyph of Elemental Mastery] , doesn't work at all , it should give a buff -20% dmg reduction for the time elemental mastery is active
  23. ok so When resto druid in [Tree of Life] form and put 2x lifebloom stacks on a friendly ally , then goes out of [Tree of Life] form and use lifebloom it created a new lifebloom buff which can go to 3x stacks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JWGwQbBvhs in this video you can see at 2:32 with druid use lifeloom while in tree of life on warlock (he has 2 lifebloom stacks) then once tree of life is gone , he use again lifebloom and it stacks with the tree of life's one so it's 3 stacks now but it doesn't create a new buff
  24. [Glyph of Frost Shock] doesn't work at all , it should increase the duration of Frost shock by 2 seconds.
  25. [Glyph of Shadow Word: Death] is bugging it
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