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  1. when i summon Shadowfiend , im able to cast mind control and my pet instantly dissapear. how it should work : when shadowfiend is active , priest shouldn't be able to cast mind control at all. it should say something like ''you already have a pet summoned availabe'' https://youtu.be/-JJ9h7dfEpc
  2. the 2 set bonus gear of Tier 12 are active , even if te shadow priest is full pvp geared , the shadowfiend does fire damage.
  3. i notice it doesn't work only for hunter class
  4. [Viciousness] doesn't work , it should give +1% crit so i when i create a worgen i should start with 1% crit with 0 gear
  5. [Stoneform] , doesn't work with snake trap's poison , it remove rogue's poison but not the one coming from snake trap.
  6. jimmy

    Feral [Swipe]

    swipe does way tomuch dmg , 6k non crit and 12k crit when it's written in tooltips it should do ''340% weapon dmg' there's a talent in feral tree called [fury swipes] which does 310% weapon dmg and it's doing 3k no crit and 6k crit so 340% weap dmg on swipe , shouldn't be such huge difference 6k no crit , 12k non crit , it should be slightly above 3k non crit
  7. [Toxicology] , doesn't even work at all the bonus crit dmg. i tested it with 0/2 and 2/2 , on both spells serpent sting and black arrow , both don't work.
  8. when i power word shield my self on priest then i SWD and instantly shadowmeld , my shadowmeld wont break. it should break since it's direct dmg
  9. it's actually the target's movement speed what i meant , because you see in the video the target's moving normal speed , but how it works currently it's like if the target has ''toggle run/walk'' set to walk
  10. if you try spam mind control , it will cast untill 60% then the cast will reset to 0 sec. it shouldn't reset cast even if you spam it. it's like any other spell when you spam frost bolt it doesn't reset cast . i notice it resets the cast when GCD is off at like 60% of the 1st cast
  11. atm the distance traveled by the enemy is very short you can see it by comparing it to this video at 6:15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9kNEWD6egg&t=373s
  12. ok so i tested with a feral , i pre shield him before duel starts and he comes close to me in stealth so i can see him. i use [Shadow Word: Death] on him and it doesn't get him out , i use also holy fire and it doesn't gget him out of stealth as well , penance does get him out of stealth. that's how it should work , if a player has priest's shield absorb , Dots dmg and AoE spells (blizzard , flamestrike , holy nova) , shouldn't get you out of stealth unless the absorb dmg is expired. but when a player in stealth with absorb on , receive a direct damage ( for example , [Shadow Word: Death] , holy fire ) it should get him out of stealth https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/291 https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Power_Word:_Shield (read the last point of tips and tactics)
  13. if pet is taunted by an enemy's they should force pet to attack the enemy , that's used to break hunter's trap or mage polly by timing it properly , you can taunt pet of hunter right before hunter's going to trap , and same goes for mirror image while mage's casting a poly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPdpx5Fs8oc
  14. when enemy's in CC , trap , fear , repentance etc... and i force pet [Attack] my pet wouldn't attack the CC-ed target , it only attack stunned target. pet should attack cc-ed taget if the hunter uses ''pet attack' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEx2vwa27Bo
  15. jimmy

    Mage Ring

    ye it seems nothing can stop RoF , no CC / silence etc.. https://youtu.be/p667ZATEkPY at 6:03 rogue Kidney shot mage and still got Ring of Frosted
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