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  1. this is best server ever seen because it s social and for all people need all to come and not to dicriminate come and chat with freind s and tell us and thing and any problem if you have we need all with love and smile
  2. i need to know how i will be gm in this server for helping you and attract mush players because i have mush freinds play wow and i tell them they all will play here
  3. in other ways you can attract players by tempting them with loads and lot of new and nice things and people if you take with my advice they like server without bug
  4. if you need to players come and play in syndicate you should make your server on social media : fb . instegram . twiter ..... and make gm have exp in other wow s for attract mush player if you went me to do somthing i am here at your service always wish the best
  5. this will be best server and i wish the best for this server is adive for player s come and play here you need to make shirt s tabard and nice mont and riputations and i think if you make illusion and mush place
  6. zombieskills


    hello my name is ilyes 19years old i am wating this server for long time and i am happy to open it .
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