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  1. Everytime you use zealotry with divinepurpose procs the proc dissapears, zealotry is not supposed to use anyholy power or consume the proc when activated.
  2. It's not supposed to remove the existing holypower when you use a divine purpose proc.
  3. The explosion damage that the guardian does when it expires does almost no damage. this was with 20 stacks of the guardian buff. it's supposed to do 525+525 per stack.
  4. Rets cleanse should prioritize roots over slows, right now it's dispelling the latest debuff that you got (usually slows) and it should not be this way. How it worked on retail: go to 12:20 and 12:56 and you can see that he clearly cleanses the root over the slow there. Alot of private servers have this issue and have not gotten it right, please fix this
  5. Right now on syndicate you do not generate holy power at all if crusader strike gets dodged / parried etc. https://www.wowhead.com/spell=35395/crusader-strike#comments By Sithari (427 – 5·3) on 2010/10/16 (Patch 4.0.1) " After some testing on live I can confirm the following:Holy Power charges persist once combat is over, and disappear at a rate of 10 seconds per charge. If you kill an opponent with 3 charges left, you got a 10 sec window to use a 3 charge ability (or re-enter combat), and a 30 second window to use any ability that requires at least 1 Holy Power charge.The Holy Power charge generation of Crusader Strike is 100%.This means it is solely dependent on you casting the ability, rather than whether the ability lands or not. Under normal circumstances (ignoring haste effects and assuming you are casting Crusader Strike on every cool-down) you generate 1 Holy Power charge per 4,5 seconds, whether it hits, crits, misses or is dodged, blocked and parried by your target."
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