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  1. This is already reported.
  2. Removes the physical damage reduction of your Divine Protection, but increases the magical damage reduction by 20%. Right now, when you use that glyph, it shows this: https://imgur.com/a/XnjmiQk The tooltip says: " Reduces all damage taken by 0% for 10 sec. " And when you cast it, it says: " Damage taken reduced by 20%. "
  3. Seal of Insight should heal on almost every hit, currently it heals with a very low chance, it should have 65% ppm i think.
  4. Seal of Justice is currently doing 150 damage on hit, which is ridiculously low, it should do around 2-3k with ruthless starter gear.
  5. Templar's Verdict with Divine Purpose proc talent shouldn't be consumed If It gets dodged or parried, only if it misses. Currently, Divine Purpose Templar's Verdict gets consumed when it gets dodged or parried.
  6. Name: Dispersion Class: Priest ( Shadow ) What it should be doing: Reducing all damage taken by 90%. What it's currently doinge: Reducing all damage taken by 100%. Everytime I hit shadow priest while he is in Dispersion he takes 1, 2 or 3 max damage. 3 is the max I hit on them. Let's say my Crusader Strike hit a shadow priest for 5240 damage. 90% of 5240 is 4716, which means the shadow priest should take 524 damage. If he uses Dispersion at 2% health for an example it is impossible to kill him because they take 2 or damage with each spell you hit them.
  7. Hello, for 2 days now i can't login on the server, when I type the password and hit enter it says Connected... and then it always shows: " You have been disconnected from the server. " Am I banned or the server is down? Please help.
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