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  1. The server is temporarily locked,join Syndicate-Wow Discord channel for more information - https://discord.gg/HgmgH5k
  2. 1) Whats the name of your main character? Twinksparkle 2) Is this your first GM application? Yes. 3) From which country are you? I am from Bulgaria. 4) For how long have you been playing in Syndicate? I have been here since June 2, 2018 5) How many hours are you willing to spend everyday on Syndicate? I can spend 5-7 hours of playing per day,also I can play at night too. 6) How good are you with TrinityCore commands? I am pretty good with TrinityCore commands and I know how to use them properly. 7) Anything else you would like to remark? I would like to add that I have experience as Game Master and I am fluent in using ''GM Gennie'' addon,answering all kind of tickets and hosting in-game events.
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    Hello Hate !
  4. You can report issues via in-game ticket or here - https://bitbucket.org/InfamousMob/syndicate-wow-official/issues?status=open
  5. Hello,there were some login issues lately,join server Discord channel for more information - https://discord.gg/ZNpJmpr
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    Welcome Haru ??
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    Hello and welcome !
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