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    Draik's the name, pleased to meet y'all. Some basic info about myself : I'm a guy from Romania, whom enjoys video-games, music, and what-not, Real name's Kevin, though Alex's my second name, but y'all can call me Kevin. Stay safe out there folks, peace.
  2. 1) Whats the name of your main character? : Draik 2) Is this your first GM application? Yes, it is. 3) From which country are you? Romania, GMT + 2 4) For how long have you been playing in Syndicate? I've been here for about 1-2 months, been in and out. 5) How many hours are you willing to spend everyday on Syndicate? 5-8 hours per day. 6) How good are you with TrinityCore commands? I'm fluent in every command, been using Trinity-Core commands for almost 3 years now. 7) Anything else you would like to remark? (optional) None so far.
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