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  1. Thank you for your response! I will try again later and join your discord chat if I have difficulty.
  2. Thank you for your response. I would love to join you on your ptr unfortunately I cannot log on using your client. I have tried multiple time over the last two days and always get a response saying "logon server is down."
  3. Hi, a while back there was a timer that indicated today was the day the server would go live. So I came and downloaded the client and installed it but cannot log on with the user name and password I created when I registered on the main website (syndicate-WoW | Cataclysm). Is the server live currently? Two More Items Worth Pointing Out I downloaded the client from the "How to Play on Syndicate-WoW" post in the Downloads section of the Forums and noticed that there is no "realmlist.wtf" file in the Data folder or the enUS folder inside the Data folder. There is, however, a realmlist.wtf file in the main World of Warcraft - Cataclysm folder. Is this as expected or is there something missing or misplaced? There is a second link to download the client in the "Useful Links" post in the Downloads section of the Forums which I have tried downloading and installing as well. While I cannot log on with either client, it is worth pointing out that the two clients have different logon screens. Deathwing is actively in motion in logon screen of the client downloaded from the "Hoiw to Play" post, but Deathwing is static in the logon screen of the client downloaded from the "Useful Links" post. This would seem to indicate that the two clients are different. Which is the correct version of the client?
  4. moosetrax


    Hello! I ran across mention of your coming servers on the wowservers reddit and have been visiting your site ever since. I can't wait for your servers to go live next weekend!
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