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  1. <HYPE> is a new end-game PvE Heroic Raiding and PvP Arena / BGs guild with EU based Raiding Times. "The guild has been established on August 4th, 2019" We are now looking for experienced and exceptional players to join our team, but casual players are welcome to join us as well at this stage. Guild Master: Swagmeister @Swagmeister Officers: Fadegodshard @fadegodshard These people are available to talk to via in-game whisper or PM through the forum in case you might have some question regarding the guild. Simply reply to the thread copy-pasting the following template. In-Game Name: Race: Class: Professions: All the best <HYPE> Guild
  2. It would be great if we could all gather under one "roof". Do you already know someone that would love to join us?
  3. Hi, I'd love to join / create an active guild here on Syndicate. That's by far the best cata server I've been on so far, and I'd love to do my part and help building a strong community. In order to do so, I'm looking to create / join a guild and alongside beign able to complete some of the world quests and raids. You are welcome to reply directly to this topic or write me in-game @Swagmeister (H Warr) Let's build something great together!
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