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  1. Sahys

    Hello everyone

    Welcome @Twinkerton ! Have fun on Syndicate-WoW !
  2. CLASSES Death Knight: Ebon Gargoyle reworked - Fixed issue related to cast. Death Knight: Glyph of Resilient Grip fixed. Shaman: T13 2Pieces (Restoration) has been fixed. GENERAL IA: Fixed an issue related to creatures getting stuck. Misc: 1 Crash issue found and fixed.
  3. CLASSES Mage: Mirror Image fixed, will stop casting if you polymorph the target. Mage: Mirror Image health fixed. Mage: Ring of Frost fixed, no longer moves. Mage: Blink fixed, no longer removes combat. Death Knight: Ebon Gargoyle (Unholy) will now switch targets depending on Ghoul's (if any) target, else it'll use the same target as the player. GENERAL Misc: Two crash issues fixed.
  4. Welcome, have fun on Syndicate-WoW !
  5. Sahys

    Hi firende

    Welcome, have fun on Syndicate-WoW !
  6. CLASSES Paladin: Retribution guardian will gain same base weapon damage as the owner. Paladin: Crusader Strike nerfed. Warlock: Ebon Imp spell scaled accordignly as the owner. Druid: Burning theant spell hit chance has been reworked. Druid: Shred nerfed. Druid: Rip nerfed. Priest: Shadowfiend attack speed reworked. Death Knight: Ebon Gargoyle will fly once its duration is over. Death Knight: Blood Plague buffed. Death Knight: Frost Fever buffed. Hunter: Glyph of Aimed shot fixed. Will only proc from Aimed shot now. Hunter: Glyph of Kill shot fixed. Hunter: Freezing trap fixed, will not trigger Entrapment. Rogue: Hemorrhage nerfed. Rogue: Stealth issues fixed. Mage: Combustion (DoT) nerfed. GENERAL Scale: Critical hit bonus damage formula reworked. Area: Duel Zone reworked , also smaller. N/A: Flying in duel zone is now impossible. Raid: Baleroc bridge in fireland (to reach Ragnaros) has been fixed. Raid: Firelands (NM / HC) fully scripted - Retail-like. Raid: Bastion of Twilight trash mobs reworked and nerfed (Damage multiplier) - Base value was 7.5 - Overlord changed it. Item: Legendary daggers reworked. Pets: Pets like Water elemental, Imps etc... are now working as intended (Melee attacks modified).
  7. CLASSES Hunter : Traps won't teleport you on the center anymore. Hunter : Ice Trap will proc Entrapment now. Hunter : Stable Master fixed. Death Knight : Dark Simulacrum has been fixed, you can't duplicate more than one spell now. Death Knight : Unholy Blight fixed. Paladin : Protection Guardian will cast a visual aura like back then in retail. GENERAL Item : Ti'tahk , the Steps of Times (Staff) now procs. Profesion : Engineering Nitro-Boost, mechanics reworked. Core : Unstuck function fixed & available. Battleground : Isle of Conquest no longer crash. Raid : Lord Rhyolith no longer leaves the platform. Add : You will now start with dual specialization. NPCs : Bosses / Creatures damage calculation fixed.
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    Hello, Welcome to Syndicate-WoW , Hope you will enjoy our exclusive contents !
  9. Sahys

    Hello ?

    Hello, welcome to Syndicate-WoW, Enjoy your stay !
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