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  1. Digital

    PTR / Live

    Hello @Light, After server release, all characters will be deleted, you will need to make new alts to start with ruthless gear, ans thats for everyone. ?
  2. Welcome @Twinkerton !
  3. Hello, The current client has some problems, dunno why. Whatever, I made another one, you should be able to connect now. Download it here: SYNDICATE WOW 4.3.4 (Realmlist already configured) Greetings.
  4. Hello @Lord Hido and welcome on Syndicate. Hope you'll enjoy and stay.
  5. Digital

    Hi firende

    Hello @Light, Hope you enjoy Syndicate, welcome.
  6. Digital


    Hello, welcome on Syndicate!
  7. Digital

    Hello ?

    Welcome @Alexis, enjoy there.
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