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  1. Hello dear users! currently the server is in Internal Development (no one is able to login except me the developer) as I'm working on new features, fixes & content revamp. After this phase is done, I plan to open the last Open Beta to spot any possible issues and finally I will Launch the server. So the timeline or whatever you call it would be: 1) Currently: Internal Development. 2) No Date Yet: Open Beta. 3) No Date Yet: Server Launch. Keep an eye on this topic because once I determinate the dates I will update it! -Any questions? join Syndicate-WoW Discord server, we will answer them there!
  2. Dear users, as you might know the server is currently in a closed beta phase. Countless of class related bugs and mechanics are being worked on. Syndicate will come stronger than ever, to offer a true Cataclysm World of Warcraft expansion experience. Now if you want to be part of the testing team join Discord to apply! Kind regards, Your Syndicate Team
  3. Issue fixed for all summoned pets. https://gyazo.com/1c8adab5f3818817a1a9ff076911556e
  4. With this command your in game accounts will be more secure against hack attempts ".account lock country on/off" this command makes your account accessible only from your current country.
  5. With this command the PvP should be more fair, everyone will be able to use it. The command will display the following stats: -Resilience -Armor -Attack Power -Ranged Attack Power -Spell Power -Mastery Points https://gyazo.com/ae6b45e4281a1baa72abc4780897826c
  6. -Fixed 'You are facing the wrong way' & 'You are too far away' messages.
  7. -Fixed an issue with Shadow Word: Death not removing Shadowmeld (night elf stealth racial) if the caster has an absorption shield on. https://gyazo.com/42b139d6af0a9380dadd322b33bce522
  8. issue fixed, thanks for reporting! https://syndicate-wow.com/forum/index.php?/forum/32-fixed-bugs/&do=add https://gyazo.com/42b139d6af0a9380dadd322b33bce522
  9. -Fixed a weird error message when using Faerie Fire in cat form.
  10. Issue fixed, improved fix this time. Thank you for reporting!!
  11. -Better fix for Feral Charge face enemy back. https://gyazo.com/460838e15e7da7f66f2d3ae9bb3e3dc9
  12. -Now players are able to queue a Battleground with a Cross-faction group.
  13. -Fix Abilities like Far Sight while the enemy is moving.
  14. -Hunter Pet Ability 'Swoop' fixed.
  15. There's no such issue Dispersion is working as it should. About Deep Wounds you take the same damage because the spell deals % of damage based on your weapon damage.
  16. Its working as it should here is a proof i found. https://github.com/dalaranwow/dalaran-wow/issues/1860
  17. The user submitted valid retail proofs: https://youtu.be/yz1xgp0dR24?t=594 https://youtu.be/HjCmswfA6Uo?t=91 So this issue is now fixed! thank you for your report. https://gyazo.com/87afeba5de49badc409fcaabb5d652ac
  18. So let's analyze the following image. It says; Requires 3 holy power but not consume holy power right? so as you know Divine Purpose is a buff right? then it should be consumed. For this reason this is working as intended.
  19. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/7415466247 Jan 2, 2013 Hello there, I was doing some low level Battlegrounds on my shadow priest and I couldn't help but notice that whenever I used mind flay (which is a lot) on a druid, whenever he would shapeshift into or out of a any form, it would cancel my mind flay channel on him and I would have to recast it with every shapeshift.
  20. Hello @joseluqe96 Mind Flay slows down your character for this reason it gets canceled if the druid uses/removes any form (to remove the slow effect) same with Hand of Protection it removes any slow effect.
  21. Issue fixed, next core update. https://gyazo.com/072fefe307267ad866d49ac29bc3bea2
  22. Most Infamous

    Feral [Swipe]

    Thats normal, Swipe takes some bonuses unlike the talent. Tested on another server, works the same way.
  23. The spell is working just fine, not sure how have you tested it. https://gyazo.com/263b94562579302deaae9d22ce0e39af
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