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  1. Issue fixed, next core update. https://gyazo.com/072fefe307267ad866d49ac29bc3bea2
  2. Most Infamous

    Feral [Swipe]

    Thats normal, Swipe takes some bonuses unlike the talent. Tested on another server, works the same way.
  3. The spell is working just fine, not sure how have you tested it. https://gyazo.com/263b94562579302deaae9d22ce0e39af
  4. Most Infamous

    Stuck bug

    I did exactly what you said, Scatter Shot + Intimidating Shout but i cannot reproduce the bug i ask you to test it further and let me know if you find out how to reproduce it. Thanks a lot.
  5. The talent Toxicology is working fine. I've tested it and those are the results: Without Toxicology Talent: Serpent Sting -> Critical Damage = 916 Black Arrow -> Critical Damage = 961 With Toxicology Talent Rank 1: Serpent Sting -> Critical Damage = 1068 Black Arrow -> Critical Damage = 1121 With Toxicology Talent Rank 2: Serpent Sting -> Critical Damage = 1221 Black Arrow -> Critical Damage = 1281
  6. Fixed, thank you for reporting! https://gyazo.com/8f515417699694598e26389822f72ea9
  7. Most Infamous

    Fear in arena Bug

    A experimental fix in Blades Edge Arena has been applied, feel free to test it.
  8. Issue fixed, and this mechanic has been polished & improved. Thanks for reporting. https://gyazo.com/8ad66e774610426dd5ec32f4f8267fea -For example aoe spells such as Smoke Bomb should break stealth even if you have a shield on. https://gyazo.com/9be11eed8cbfef19b8bdcf662c5fa834 -Nothing should break Vanish Improved Stealth buff.
  9. -Fixed some spell such as Bloodlust buffing pets & minions.
  10. -Fixed Druid Wild Growth ticks not working properly with huge amounts of haste.
  11. -Better fix for Zealotry consumes Divine Purpose.
  12. -Templar's Verdict and Divine Storm shouldn't proc Divine Purpose on dodge, parry, miss.
  13. This issue has been fixed. https://gyazo.com/23247cf04e28c79ea38f9a24db2f6faa
  14. This issue has been fixed. https://gyazo.com/23247cf04e28c79ea38f9a24db2f6faa
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