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  3. Whats your age? 20 years Whats the name of your main character? Ambitions Is this your first GM application? No I have already been gm on other servers From wich country are you? I am from Japan but I live now in France and England For how long have you been active on Syndicate? Join Date: 2019-11-06 12:45:44 (for 3 weeks I was beta testing) How many hours will you be able to spend In-game on a day to day basis? I am currently a student in university but I have a lot of time to play I spend an average of 4/5 hours a day and weekend sometimes the day How good are you with TrinityCore commands? trinitycore is a good software it allows to handle the best commands and to have some shortcuts in coding it's been a long time that I have not used but I could remember Which languages can you be understood in? I speak french english spanish japanese and korean Why do you feel that you would be a good addition to the Syndicate Staff Team and what do you bring to an already thriving Staff Team? I know somebody from the syndicate team staff and he was a former player that I appreciated it's thanks to them if I'm here and I did not think I would become a GM again but as the syndicate server starts with good base I also want to bring my mutual help and my knowledge to develop and help him in the best way Anything else you would like to remark? (optional) no
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    1) Whats the name of your main character? Got no real main, but Renamed , Shaaggy 2) Is this your first GM application? No 3) From which country are you? Sweden 4) For how long have you been playing in Syndicate? Join Date: 2017-12-09 00:00:00 5) How many hours are you willing to spend everyday on Syndicate? Depends alot but around 5hours atleast 6) How good are you with TrinityCore commands? I know the useful once 7) Anything else you would like to remark? (optional) ❤️
  7. 1) Whats the name of your main character? Don't have one 2) Is this your first GM application? No ,use to be GM on other ,now Ghost servers xD 3) From which country are you? Serbia! 4) For how long have you been playing in Syndicate? Never played since realm is in closed Beta . 5) How many hours are you willing to spend everyday on Syndicate? Depends, I work, but for sure 3h+. Weekends I am free so most of the day I can spend on Syndicate WoW 6) How good are you with TrinityCore commands? I say decent, need to refresh it a bit. 7) Anything else you would like to remark? (optional) That would be all ;) Edited September 11 by Kate
  8. joseluqe96

    Mindflay bugged

    Everytime you cast Mindflay on an objetctive and he uses a spell like Hand of freedom or also a druid changes form all time,my Mindflay just stop to cast itself and I have to spam it everytime that they use those spells which it is really annoying to play like that.
  9. Everytime you use zealotry with divinepurpose procs the proc dissapears, zealotry is not supposed to use anyholy power or consume the proc when activated.
  10. When dismissing and resummoning the pet its abilities reset and apparently re-learn themselves, making it so you can double gnaw, leap etc
  11. Any retail proof about this behavior?
  12. When I use dispersion on my spriest it should just reduce all the damage that you are taking in that 6sec.Well,if I am against a warrior and he bleeds me with rent or deep wound i just take exactly the same damage in dispersion,it not happens always but theres more chance when warrior is using reckleness,even mortal strike in reckleness hitted me 2k and Im not sure if that should be like that.
  13. 1) Whats the name of your main character? Varion 2) Is this your first GM application?nope 3) From which country are you? Tunisia 4) For how long have you been playing in Syndicate? since the start 5) How many hours are you willing to spend everyday on Syndicate? it depends 2-8h 6) How good are you with TrinityCore commands?10/10 7) Anything else you would like to remark? (optional) i was one of the staff team back in the days and i made a mistake when i went off and i feel bad about it cz i've let u down and it was An IRL problem so i had to go.and i think the position of HGM is waiting for me to take it back and to lead the staff team to a great path as the server will go on and i'm sure that i can fit the requirements and resposabilites for it .
  14. when i summon Shadowfiend , im able to cast mind control and my pet instantly dissapear. how it should work : when shadowfiend is active , priest shouldn't be able to cast mind control at all. it should say something like ''you already have a pet summoned availabe'' https://youtu.be/-JJ9h7dfEpc
  15. Issue fixed, next core update. https://gyazo.com/072fefe307267ad866d49ac29bc3bea2
  16. the 2 set bonus gear of Tier 12 are active , even if te shadow priest is full pvp geared , the shadowfiend does fire damage.
  17. It's not supposed to remove the existing holypower when you use a divine purpose proc.
  18. Most Infamous

    Feral [Swipe]

    Thats normal, Swipe takes some bonuses unlike the talent. Tested on another server, works the same way.
  19. The spell is working just fine, not sure how have you tested it. https://gyazo.com/263b94562579302deaae9d22ce0e39af
  20. Varion


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  22. Everytime I summon felhunter and u put automatic spells on it when you summon another pet and you summon back your felhunter it doesnt have the spells on automatic again and u have to click it all time and its really annoying.Happens with every pet from warlock.
  23. Most Infamous

    Stuck bug

    I did exactly what you said, Scatter Shot + Intimidating Shout but i cannot reproduce the bug i ask you to test it further and let me know if you find out how to reproduce it. Thanks a lot.
  24. big1000

    Stuck bug

    Hello, I would like to report a bug. The bug is being stuck to one place from two CC's on you, that literaly hit you at the same time. The ones that hitted me were scatter and intimidating shout. It created a bug that wouldnt let me move from the spot I got hit on. I still was able to cast spells and etc, just I coudlnt move. I have a screenshot that kinda shows that something is wrong, since all my spell bars are grayed out. https://imgur.com/a/vQ2ePj7
  25. i notice it doesn't work only for hunter class
  26. [Viciousness] doesn't work , it should give +1% crit so i when i create a worgen i should start with 1% crit with 0 gear
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